Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleeping with the fishes...not my cup of tea but that's ok, I won't judge

Why hello there... I feel like this blog is the child i'm always neglecting for beer and life and drawing...but I'm here now it's okay...I promise I'll be at your ball have my word. Anyway here is my model pack for second semester...It's Circus Mafia! I wanted to do something either circus or mafia (they are both efin sweet) so i realised "why not combine them", this works in most situations, take for example PB and J sandwhiches or pizza...however be aware it may not always work with combinations such as cats and dogs or your girlfriend and her sister. I have some more work to finish and post later this week such as my layouts and animation...and if you eat your vegatables i might treat you to a short film :)

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